Para Athletes Recall 2012 Memories

A selection of the world's top Para Athletes recall their memories of London 2012...

David Weir, T54 800m, 1500m and 5000m: "In any other stadium in the world you can generally know where the finishing line is because the crowd is loudest there, but in 2012 it was totally different. If you had your eyes clsoed you wouldn't know where the finishing line was. The noise would follow you round like a Mexican wave. I'd never experienced it like that in any other stadium in the world."

Peter Genyn, T51 100m and 400m: "I think it will be the (Queen Elizabeth Olympic) Park that I remember mostly. The Park and the opening ceremony – those were both pretty impressive: the whole building with the flags on, the team spirit in the Park. You do think about it every now and then especially when you are training for the next big event. It left a big impression."

Hunter Woodhall, T43 200m and 400m: "I remember watching the 400m and there was such a huge gap between first and second. I thought that’s what I want it to be like. I want people to get into a race with me and know they’re racing for second place. That’s motivated me to be the best... I just remember them being on that stage and the people; the love London had for the Paralympic Games is unreal. All those people who love the sport and enjoy the sport, watching from home that was pretty remarkable to me."

Ananias Shikongo, T42 200m: "When I think of London I actually think of the time we spent in the athletes’ village. It was a nice place, and I liked the kitchen. I also liked the warm up track, and I remember the feeling of going in to the stadium."

Georgie Hermitage, T37 100m and 400m: "The one defining image for me is when Mo (Farah) crossed the finish line (in the 5000m) and the crowd went absolutely wild. I was pregnant with my daughter Tilly and it was so loud in the stadium, she went nuts and I genuinely had no clue what was going on. I was like ‘oh my god, I can’t have her yet. She’s only six months on.’ It was fear and also elation. And I remember the walk home so vividly back to Putney. The euphoria for what we had done as a country was amazing."

Jarryd Wallace, T44 100m and 200m: "I look back to the most recent race at the Anniversary Games. Jonnie (Peacock) and I had a really good race. I got him out of the bocks and we both ran pretty even for the rest of the race. We both hit a wall at the same spot. It was a tight race to be in. I was able to get the better of him. And for my career that was a really big moment."


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