London Stadium Wifi Testing // Info And Faqs

We're in the process of testing our new, free, high-speed WiFi network here at London Stadium. Over the past few months we've been installing equipment around the venue, and we're now in the testing phase ahead of full launch in the new year.

The network will provide high speed internet to every seat inside the Stadium, allowing you to remain connected throughout matchday.

We're encouraging all fans to connect and enjoy the free service, and while we're confident it'll be seamless, we're in testing phase and there may be small isolated issues.

If you'd like to find out more, we've got more information available here...

We've also prepared a short FAQ below:

Does this mean Stadium wifi is up and running?

Hopefully, yes. We’re still only testing at this stage - we’ve spent the past few months installing all of the equipment around London Stadium, and before our planned full switch on early in 2020, we’re keen to see how the network holds up. Early signs are very good, but we'll need to test it over the next few weeks to ensure we deliver a high quality service in the new year.

How do I connect to the network?

This is the easy part - simply check in your network options for ‘LS FREE WIFI’, and press connect.

Where does the wifi cover?

Our High density wifi will provide super-fast internet access from every seat in the Stadium. There will be some coverage on the courses, but for prime connectivity - sit back in your seat and browse away.

What do you mean, high density?

High density is industry language for high speed and quality. We’re committed to ensuring you stay connected with the best possible speeds, direct from your seat, throughout your day.

Something’s not quite right with my wifi - what can I do?

We’re hoping that we don’t experience connectivity or speed issues, but we are still testing the system. While accessing the network ahead of full launch in the new year – try disconnecting and reconnecting, and check event by event to see if there are any changes to your experience.

We’re committed to providing a world-class event day experience all year round, whether you visit London Stadium to watch Premier League football, Major League Baseball, international athletics, or an amazing concert, our goal is for fans to have access to the fastest Wi-Fi of any stadium in the UK, direct from their seats.