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'creating special experiences one guest at a time'.

Working behind the scenes

We understand that food and drink is a vital element of any event. Delaware North, a global leader in hospitality and food service have vast experience in creating menus that meet this need. We operate in some of the coolest places and play a major role in some of the top 'I was there' events on the world stage. You won't find us centre-stage, that's not our role and it's not even our style. We work behind the scenes, making each experience, moment and memory the best it can be. We are committed to our clients and 'creating special experiences one guest at a time'.

We hire the best chef's and empower them to create menus that are locally sourced and locally relevant. They question the norm and deliver beyond expectation. As a company we have a commitment to sourcing ethically, sustainably and commercially

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Meet the Chef Gary Foakes

Our Executive Head Chef, Gary Foakes, is a highly skilled and experienced chef who can advise on what style of food will be appropriate for your guests - and budget. From a formal seated dinner to street food, bowl food to breakfast he can create something delicious for your guests. If our menus do not suit your requirements, please let us know and Gary will design a menu specifically for you. Here are a few facts about Gary to whet your appetite:

  • Gary has cooked for the Queen on 3 separate occasions - the first was at the opening of the Channel Tunnel working with Anthony Worrall Thompson as an 18 year old and then he returned to run the 20th Anniversary celebration dinner at the same location
  • He was senior Executive Chef for London 2012 based in the Olympic Village responsible for 1.6 million meals for athletes in a 14 week period
  • He has had the pleasure of working on events under the lead of elite chefs' such as Gordon Ramsey, Albert & Michel (snr) Roux, Anton Edelmann, Anton Mosimann and Raymond Blanc
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