Network Installation Bolsters Connected Stadium Credentials

London Stadium today announces it has switched on a new 5G network, offering fans a fully connected experience as they return to the venue. EE’s 5G network brings increased speed and reliability to the East London stadium, enabling customers to stay connected when attending events.

The enhanced speeds of 5G will improve the event day experience for attendees, adding more capacity on site to ensure reliable and consistent mobile usage. Added to the recent installation of HD WiFi, fans will have access to fast and stable download speeds no matter where they are in the stadium. With a capacity of up to 80,000 for events and an ever-increasing demand for online access, the enhancement to the stadium’s connectivity will support its position as the country’s most successful multi-use venue.

In addition, 5G capability will offer benefits for the day-to-day operations, safety, and security of the venue. The advanced speeds will support the stadium’s recent move to cashless transactions, allowing for quicker and hygienic payments at point of sale. The improved connectivity will give more accurate access to location services and the opportunity to introduce multiple technologies which can be used simultaneously across the stadium and the immediate surrounds of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Graham Gilmore, CEO, London Stadium, said: “We want to give our fans the best possible experience when they visit our stadium, the upgrade to 5G means that whether you’re coming to London Stadium to watch the football, baseball, rugby, athletics or a concert, you will always have the ability to be connected and have the best that technology has to offer.”

Adis Omeragic, from EE’s Special Projects team, said: “5G is the next generation of mobile technology, enabling people to stay connected when they need it most. The speeds and reliability of EE’s 5G network at London Stadium will enhance the mobile experience for visitors, ensuring they can stay in touch with friends and family, and share highlights from their visit in real time.”

The 5G switch on at London Stadium follows EE’s installation of 4G at the Olympic Stadium for the 2012 games.