MLB: London Series Philadelphia Phillies Vs New York Mets

Experience authentic ballpark bites at MLB: London Series! Whether you’re rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies or the New York Mets, satisfy your cravings with a line up of mouthwatering options. From Philly Cheesesteak Subs, loaded hot dogs, and chicken wings, to plenty of meat-free options, corn dogs and waffle cones there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Be sure to support your team by heading to the fan zones and tasting the flavours of New York and Philadelphia.  

Outlet Descriptions

Phanatic Phried Chicken (Phillies Fan Zone) / Chicken Dingers (OB1)

Are you a Phillies fan? Visit the Fan Zone and indulge in crispy fried chicken served in a waffle cone. Try the ultimate flavour combination with the ‘Sweet ‘n Salty’. Enjoy a classic waffle fully loaded with Southern fried chicken tenders, streaky bacon, and sweet maple syrup, all topped with BBQ sauce, spring onion, and grated parmesan. 

If you’re looking for a meat-free option, try ChiQin tenders served in a waffle cone with creamy mac & cheese, topped with a drizzle of hot & BBQ sauce, and a sprinkle of spring onions. 

Broad Street Burgers (Phillies Fan Zone) / Big League Burgers (OB1)

Sink your teeth into the iconic Homer Burger this London Series. Indulge in two beef patties sandwiched between iced doughnut buns with American cheese, bacon, lettuce, onions, and pickles.  

The Classic Burger and Southern Fried Chicken burger are loaded high with classic American toppings. If you are looking for a meat-free option, swap out the chicken for a ChiQin fillet topped with sweet and spicy maple chipotle mayo. 

Empire State Burger (Mets Fan Zone) 

Head to the Mets Fan Zone and choose from a range of classic burger and hot dog options. The Bacon Cheeeseburger is bursting with flavour featuring a 100% beef patty topped with streaky smoky bacon, American cheese, crispy onions, and tangy pickles. Pair with crispy fries for the ultimate gameday combo! 

Shea Fried Chicken (Mets Fan Zone) 

The Buffalo Chicken Wings are the showstopper at Shea Fried Chicken located in the Mets Fan Zone. Opt for crispy wings, tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce and served on a bed of crispy fries. Why not try Southern Fried Chicken Tenders, topped with crispy bacon bits and onions for an extra crunch? 

American Street Food (OB2)  

Show your support for the Phillies with a taste of our Philly Cheese Steak Sub, featuring marinated steak and caramelised onions, topped with American cheese sauce. If you are looking to try an American gameday favourite, sample the Corn Dog, served with crispy fried and dipped in a decadent cheese sauce. The Popeye Chicken served on a bed of creamy mac & cheese, is set to be a fan favourite this London Series! 

American Street Food (OB1)

Visit the American Street Food outlet for your one-stop shop for an authentic gameday culinary experience. The Philly Cheesesteak Loaded Fries are a must-try, along with the Home Slice Fries featuring crispy pepperoni, marinara sauce and pepperoni infused ranch dressing. Choose from a range of Mac & Cheese options, including three cheese macaroni with pesto, garlic breadcrumbs, and chives! 

Bullpen BBQ (OB2)

Get fired up for flavour at Bullpen BBQ! Step up to the plate with The Pitcher, featuring succulent pulled BBQ beef, melted cheese, crispy slaw, and zesty pickles, served in a soft brioche bun. Immerse yourself in the authentic ballpark experience with The American Dog. Enjoy bratwurst topped with crispy onions and American mustard, served in a brioche roll.

Bases Loaded Hot Dogs (OB1, OB2)

Experience a ballpark favourite with loaded hot dogs. Go classic with The American Dog or indulge in one of the loaded options. The Footlong, boasts bratwurst, crispy onions, bacon bits, and tangy American mustard. Try the Big Apple with sauerkraut and mustard, or the Mac Dog topped with mac & cheese, and crispy onions. Spice things up with the Chilli Dog loaded with spicy pulled beef and gooey cheese. 

Don't miss out on a grand slam of flavour with the Loaded Waffle Fries topped with BBQ pulled beef, pickles, onions, and mustard. 

Major League Mac ‘n’ Cheese (OB2)

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food experience at Major League Mac 'n' Cheese! Dive into The Classic, featuring creamy mac & cheese topped with savoury bacon crunch and crispy onions. Try The Mac & Brisket, with tender beef brisket, tangy pickles, and a kick of hot sauce elevating mac & cheese to new heights. For a meat-free option bursting with flavour savour the Mac'room, topped with mushrooms, drizzled with truffle oil, and topped with crispy onions. 

Batter Up Fish & Chips (OB2) 

Choose a British classic with Batter Up Fish & Chips! This will be enjoyed by international visitors and UK baseball fans alike. With a menu featuring all the British chip shop favourites, there is something for everyone. 

Don’t forget to add a side of curry sauce or mushy peas for the full experience.