West Ham United V Manchester City Carabao Cup

Carabao Cup: 8pm KO Thursday 27th October, 2021

Tonight the turnstiles will open 1.5 hours before kick-off from 6:15pm, with early bird offers on food and drink from 6:15pm to 7:00pm. With new protocols for those visiting the venue, you might notice some changes to your match day routine – so we urge fans to arrive early to ensure a safe and comfortable journey to your seat for the game.

A reminder that the Stadium is fully cashless, so make sure you have the correct payment method to hand when making purchases. Our free Stadium WIFI means that you can connect with stable and fast speeds throughout the concourse and in bowl – join LSFreeWIFI and enter your details to connect. 

There will be a live DJ set from at the Heineken bar stage 5.15pm-7:15pm, so make sure you get down to the ground early to soak up the pre-match atmosphere. For those that arrive early we have some great offers on food and drink - including £4 a pint and £6 for a pie and pint combo from 6:15pm to 7:00pm. Ensure you make your way to your seat with plenty of time to spare in order to catch an interview with West Ham legend Mark Ward as well as watching the spectacular light show before kick-off. West Ham also have a Kissimmee half time quiz for you to enjoy so make sure your phone has plenty of charge so you can get involved.

We are fully prepared for the return of fans and remind all that we have a collective responsibility to keep one another safe. We are all familiar with protocols and urge everyone attending to continue to act responsibly. For further details, please read the Code of Conduct for all attendees. Thank you for your continued co-operation.

Ticketing – Reminder


  • Digital ticket is uploaded to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay before you arrive for the game
  • Or, print at home on a full A4 piece of paper and fold your ticket length ways (like an aeroplane with no wings)
  • Be ready to show your Covid Pass or negative lateral flow if requested during the pre-entry spot checks
  • Maintain plenty of charge on your phone
  • Arrive at least an hour before kick-off and approach your designated turnstile
  • Have your ticket ready on your phone or ticket in your hand as you approach the turnstile
  • Families should use the clearly marked concession lane 
  • Present your phone or ticket with the bar code upwards INSIDE the reader

  • Do not screenshot your pdf – this will NOT work due to the barcode being blurred
  • Do not use a plus sized phone (print your ticket or go to the ticket office for a printed ticket 2 hours before kick-off)
  • Thick phone cases will prevent you from using your phone
  • Do not tap the reader, place your ticket in the upwards position inside the reader
  • Do not bring bottles or cans to the stadium, any found during a search at the Bridges will be confiscated and disposed of
  • Do not abuse staff members, they are here to help you.

Matchday Information: